Bill Maher Fined $1.7 Million For Smoking Joint On Live Television

Bill Maher Sparks Up a Joint
Bill Maher Sparks Up a Joint

Friday night’s episode of Real Time with Bill Maher ended with Maher lighting up a joint after a pro-marijuana statement. The FCC immediately fined him $1.7 million, the largest fine since Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction during the Super Bowl halftime in 2004.

“You can’t smoke a joint on television; I don’t care if it’s a pay channel. Kids are looking at the video of it on YouTube as we speak,” said FCC chairman Tom Wheeler. “One of his panel members was obviously not happy with the event and Maher put her in danger from the potentially deadly marijuana smoke.”

The city of Los Angeles is also looking into the issue of Maher sharing the joint with guest panel member Killer Mike. Under the rules of medical marijuana in California, the weed bought can not be given to anyone besides the person whose name is on the prescription. Each medical card member must purchase and use only their weed, or it violates the terms of the prescription.

While no reported deaths have ever been confirmed, Wheeler used a story by satirical website The Daily Currant as evidence of marijuana’s deadly potential. Marijuana Overdoses Kill 37 in Colorado On First Day of Legalization’ was published after Colorado legalized its use and people have used it as scientific fact for the dangers of weed.

“The million dollar fine will deter comedians from being so reckless on television,” said Wheeler. “What if a kid sees the episode and thinks smoking weed is okay?”

Bill Maher has hired an attorney to fight the fine. Maher told Deadline Hollywood, “This is an outrageous fine and the FCC has no authority to dictate what I do or don’t do on television.

“Sure, maybe I should not have passed the joint, but I’m not a selfish person. Puff, puff pass is the saying in case you didn’t know.”

As Bill Maher has petitioned to have President Obama on his show, smoking a deadly joint on live television will probably not help his cause.

  • Don Handy

    “Potentially deadly marijuana smoke?” “A deadly joint?” Where do you get such “facts,” from the movie Reefer Madness? Get real.

    • PR_uno

      whoever made the statement; “Potentially deadly marijuana smoke” must be high on LSD.

      • Simon Bar

        or drunk…

      • Satan’s left Nut

        I dunno what you think LSD does, but I can tell you that it definitely does not make one think weird stuff like that unless one actually already thinks that is true.
        Acid does not affect the mind that way. On the contrary, I would say.

        It may also have eluded people that this is a satirical website.. 😀

        • Johnny Wilson

          Awesome username!

          • Satan’s left Nut

            Thanks. 😀

          • vorten

            Is that the left or the right, I struggled with Anatomy 101.

        • Never forget, just because it begins with satire doesn’t mean we can’t use it to spread a little bit of truth.

          I expect this to go viral on these here newfangled ‘lectronical porn-surfin’ clicketty boxes, and with it, a tiny payload of simple truths will go along for the ride.

          Never know…it might just “accidentally wake someone up” and git ’em usin’ thut thar grey jello they’s a-storin’ in thum thar shoulder boxes fer a change! d=O)

        • TimLong


        • Box1Car

          Drug dealer “slipped me a micky” a tab of WindowPane LSD in 1971
          To keep it short, I talked to both God AND Satan when I got to the end of the road (“Lost a lot of friends there” as the song goes.) But when I found out Hell was BLANK, i asked Satan “But I thot Hell was full of FIRE and BRIMSTONE, not nothin” left> His ans was “That’s the HELL of it> U don’t get to live an eternal life enjoying warmth, its just cold ass BLANK”

      • Moses Padilla

        It was written as a satirical joke like a meme but it’s idiots like those running the fcc have no sense of

      • Biff McFly

        Nah, anyone that said that is on Prozac and Alcohol, and hasnt had good sex in a year. Fuck these people.

        • Saturned

          I’ll give you the alcohol but don’t diss Prozac. Enough with the “must be on” jokes already.

      • IJR

        wtf does “satire” mean?

      • sumptn2say2

        Or just outright lies…

    • well, I dunno, but maybe the whole “satira” part of “satira tribune” should be a tip off that this is a goof. An honest mistake, as satire is typically supposed to be funny, but if you toggle to the bottom of the page it says “Satirical News for Satirical Folk”…

      • Hard to get there with all the (awesome) Disqus comments in the way. 😀

    • Valient

      Aside from that, daytime TV hosts drink wine all morning, every morning, then have guests on to show them how to make other alcoholic drinks.

      • Kitt Richards

        so true

      • Jovannie Jones

        Yeah… now with wine companies being sued over high arsenic content; you have to wonder WTF is actually happening in this world!?

      • N to the G

        agreed…a national network, daytime show encouraging kids to drink during the day is OK (Kathy Lee etc) but a pay channel, late night, adult themed show is fined….double standards!!

        • Sunburnt

          Maybe the logic behind this is “alcohol is legal, grass ain’t” so there’s no double standards. According to my knowledge grass isn’t legal in every state.

          • Pat

            -someone living under a rock

          • weyman

            The “Law” as you call it, that you think makes weed illegal is really just a statute … Right ?

            Pay close attention to what the Supreme Court has to say about “statutes, ordinances and regulations”

            And notice what a lawyer’s duty is !

            The Supreme Court has warned, “Because of what appear to be Lawful commands [Statutory Rules, Regulations and -codes–ordinances- and Restrictions] on the surface, many citizens, because of their respect for what appears to be law, are cunningly coerced into waiving their rights, due to ignorance… [deceptive practices, constructive fraud, barratry, legal plunder, conversion, and malicious prosecution in inferior administrative State courts].” (United States v. Minker, 350 U.S. 179, 187, 76 S.Ct. 281, 100 L.Ed. 185 (1956);……

            Corpus Juris Secundum vol. 7 Sec 4
            His first duty is to the courts and to the public not to the client (you start 3rd) and if the courts and the client disagree , his duty is to side with the courts (you’re abandoned)

            “His first duty is to the
            courts…not to the client.” U.S.v Franks D.C.N.J. 53F.2d 128.
            Clients are also called “wards of the
            court” in regard to their relationship with their attorneys.”Spilker v. Hansin, 158 F.2d 35,
            58U.S.App.D.C. 206.

            Wards of court. Infants and persons of unsound mind. Davis Committee v. Lonny,
            290 Ky. 644, 162 S.W.2d 189, 190.

          • bfg

            Medical marijuna is legal in California and maher has a card. he did nothing illegal.

          • bodydelightsnj

            Well, technically you are RIGHT BUT wrong (not in my eyes but in the eyes of these cornballs that need to die off the planet already for the newer, more rational human beings can take over! 🙂

      • JNWesner

        It’s not a matter of bad or not bad, of harmful and not harmful. It’s only a matter of legal and not legal. That’s how the law works. By the way, is this true, or badly done satire?

        • Nicholas Divine

          JNWesner just as a heads up, the legality of something isn’t black or white “legal and not legal”. It comes down to individual cases as to if something is legal or not and you wouldn’t know if this is legal or not until it goes to court.

        • John Fullerton

          That’s how the law works? Really? What tower do you live in? That’s how the law should work. The law no longer works for any but oligarchs.

          • Ann Wick

            Wrong. JN is correct. It is Not legal in California.

    • Kitt Richards

      deadly was quoted from a satirical piece and referenced as a source of misleading anti-MJ propaganda

    • Michael Ewing

      OMG “deadly” can you name that source Mr. Chairman? LOL

    • silentjay

      I couldn’t have said it any better myself.
      smoking a deadly joint on live television. what a bunch of fucking ass clowns!!!

    • Datrebor

      From our government and the dea. Its one of those made up facts. The kind where the truth does not matter.

    • Phoenix King

      Well, considering the name of the site is Satire Tribune, I can say it was definitely made up lol

    • Rosie Rosato

      DEADLY!!! YES! Wake up, Don Handy! ‘Murica will be doomed before SATAN burnz you upp!
      I know severall peeple who died of mrawanna overtoasting!!
      It is never two sooon to put the breaks on even if the breaks are broken whenever you need two use them two break a bad habit!!!
      InJesuss name we pray. AMEN!

      • GrammarNaziInc

        Oh CHEESES of NAZZIRETH, SAVE US from the SCOORJE of the DEVIL WEED!!!

    • Tim

      You realize that you read this article on a website called “” right? It’s a satire piece you idiot…

      • Don Handy

        No, I didn’t.
        Overlooking something that doesn’t appear on one’s screen doesn’t make someone an idiot.
        Insulting people doesn’t reflect well upon yourself.

        • Tim

          Origin of idiot
          Middle English, from Anglo-French ydiote, from Latin idiota: ignorant person.

          Definition of ignorant
          b : resulting from or showing lack of knowledge or intelligence.

          By definition yes it does make you an idiot. Lol. Commenting on something without knowing what you’re talking about doesn’t reflect well upon yourself.

      • Tommy G Myers

        I realized immediately that it was satire. I always check the source when I see something that looks too incredible to be true. I read the first couple lines, then went back to check where it came from…Satira, lol.

    • NORMAJEAN123


    • Bymynishus

      This site is “satirical”. So yeah… Reefer Madness is correct. But it’s this site that called it that and not Wheeler.

      • GrammarNaziInc

        “The MENACE of MARE-A-WAHNNA!”
        “TELL YOUR CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    • Christopher Cross

      I kind of got the feeling they were being sarcastic.

    • John Fullerton

      Perfect example of the dunderheaded ignorance of the FCC. Cigarette smoking shows up in films on TV all the time. How headbangingly stupid.

    • IJR

      What is the name of this website?

    • zach

      The sarcasm was pretty blatant if you bothered to read the whole article

    • BlackAdamForPresident

      The site is called “Satira Tribune”. Getting riled up about this is akin to getting up-in-arms about an article in “The Onion”. It’s not real. It’s a joke. Calm down.

    • bodydelightsnj

      lolol I was so annoyed that I didn’t even see your comment. This guys an ass!

  • QuentonQuale

    The FCC should stick to making sure transmitters are on the right frequency and not be acting as the morality police. The only thing potentially deadly is Tom Wheeler’s brain.

    • Kitt Richards

      …and ensuring that the cable companies are providing us with robust, non-tiered bandwidth as the law states, instead of the little dribbles they dole out

  • Rolling Blade

    rightfully done FCC. Bill Maher cable tv doesn’t mean you can do anything on it. Where is your sense of moral, social responsibility. You are indirectly promoting it and kids, underage, uninformed viewers will be thinking maybe its ok for them too.
    And Don’t give me the old argument that if alcohol and nicotine smoking is ok then this is too ( because neither are they ok and nor is this). The thing that works in favour of alcohol and nicotine smoking is that there is concrete studies on its effects and clearer laws on its sales and usage therefore people who are using them know the side-effects and therefore can make an informed decision. For marijuana we don’t have concrete evidence or good laws on its sales and usage for an individual to make an informed decision.

    P.s.- Side-effects also include the social aspect not just physical.

    • Mike Lurz

      moral social responsibility? Really perhaps that question should be asked of the DEA and the FCC. Our government has far more important things to be worried about…like maybe the will of the people.

      • Rolling Blade

        Again, yes there are far more important issues but that doesn’t mean we should turn blind to this issue. And I will like to point that I am not saying or have said that Alcohol or Nicotine is good or that they should be banned. All I am saying is people should be know more about it and have clearer laws like for alcohol and Nicotine smoking before making an informed decision( again the point i made in my original comment).

        • Mike Lurz

          Fine, then lets get that done…and done by those that aren’t funding the fight against it. We keep on with the cigarettes and alcohol and we know they are bad. There is a clear desire for the legalization, both for recreational and medicinal. It has also been shown show repeatedly that the reasons for criminalizing in the first place were suspect ( at best)…There is a lot of money out there keeping this from being looked at…that in itself needs to be looked at. There is a bigger picture that this is a part of.

        • You’re crazy

          You. Are. An. Idiot.

    • Mike Lurz

      Social aspect? the only side affects there are people trying to deny others what they want because of their own insecurities. We haven’t learned a thing since the prohibition of the 20’s. Time to wake up and realize the failure of marijuana prohibition.

    • Joseph Suriol

      Ignorant people like you are responsible for the incarceration of millions of people, for merely using one of the safest drugs known to man. That is a moral shame, or it will be soon. Why don’t you rail against people who drink martinis and drink cigars? A little education would teach you how those drugs compare to weed, health-wise. Get thee to a libraree

      • Rolling Blade

        I would love to reply but don’t see a point in your comment . If you are saying the laws on Marjiuana usage need revisting then I agree( and if you read correctly that was my point – need more study and better laws so that people can make an informed decision)

        • You’re crazy

          You are a p h u c k i n g idiot.

        • Deanna Polk

          There has NEVER been a fatal dose of cannabis. I’ve been an RN for twenty years, many of those years doing oncology, so I’ve studied this for a long time. The reason you don’t hear about those studies is the media which is controlled by special interests. Check out an organization Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, you will find many former narcotics officers, DEA agents, sheriffs, and judges who will give you the truth.

      • Joseph Suriol

        Sorry if I misunderstood you. No offense intended, if you are not one of the people I described. THEY, whoever, wherever, should feel alluded to.

    • Simon Bar

      satire.. right? … right?

    • Suzanne Fiser

      I hope this is satirical… then, ” hahaha”

    • mbunker2007

      please, get help

      • mbunker2007

        not to mention a REAL education.

    • Ernesto Badillo Alarcón

      Social responsibility???

      HBO presents every day, as any other network, a bunch of movies depicting extreme violence, abuse and graphic scenes that are very healthy for kids, right? NOOOOO.

      Bill talks about MJ all the time. If you are a parent who has this in mind and disapprove you would never let your children watch his show, and let them read the paper, listen to the radio and watch on TV that alcohol is classy, the FCC allows this, no problem at all, Let your kids get drunk and kill others on the highway. As long as the FCC doesn’t tell you that’s wrong you’ll be OK.

      Bill’s concerns have to do with a lot of issues, like climate change, ethnical and LGBT rights, civil rights, etc. which I consider are very good for the whole world, children included.

      A joint smoked on TV is not an infomercial, it is a message.

      • mbunker2007

        I apologize after re-reading. You are RIGHT. Thumbs up!

    • paulmagillsmith

      Bull! There is plenty of evidence from reputable institutions, but because cannabis would cut into pharmaceutical company profits, so much of the evidence from studies worldwide is being suppressed. Rolling Blade, you obviously would benefit from a good source of information, so here it is. The book is called, “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” by Jack Herer. Become informed, so you have facts, and won’t look foolish, ok?

  • Mike Lurz

    Don’t they have to prove that it was indeed pot?

  • Joseph Suriol

    Articles like this will be one of the future illustrations of how benighted were the people who came before, that is us. That Hispanic female guest, could use some weed too, it is surely better than whatever she is smoking now, which causes her to believe that George W. Bush was a great leader.

    • Kitt Richards

      she shouldn’t be subjected to a spliff blow-out without her consent. it was inconsiderate of maher and all his guests to put her in that position. and I’m no republikan…

      • Mari Tatlow Steed

        If you don’t think that gag was planned well in advance and that every guest on that panel didn’t know about it beforehand, you’re delusional. Maher’s not that stupid. If it were spontaneous and she didn’t approve/felt compromised, she could simply get up and walk off set. All she did was decline a pass and feign looking disapproving. We also don’t even know if it was real weed. It is TV, you know.

      • Joseph Suriol

        Is that all? Rude drivers keep making me breathe their exhaust fumes mixed with my air. Navarro was not chained to her chair, if she wanted to avoid every molecule of THC floating in the air she could have got up and move. Also to attribute to weed second-hand smoke any any risk as it disperses in a large auditorium is simply nuts.

        • muslimfree America

          So you advocate re-legalizing cigarette smoking in public places ( like restaurants)?

          • Joseph Suriol

            So you equate weed with tobacco? So you equate a private TV studio with public places (like restaurants) Why?

          • Jerry Emery

            Private or public. It’s still likely a violation of smoking in the workplace laws. And a restaurant is not a public place. It’s a private business. Big difference.

          • Ann Wick

            “Private TV studio”? That’s very funny.

          • paulmagillsmith

            By your comment, and handle of “muslimfree America” it appears you are a voice of oppression in America. I imagine you also consider Trump a champion you can trust. Poor you 🙁

          • Oline Wright

            frankly I do because it should be up to the owner of the property what is or isn’t allowed on said property in the manner of what is a legal substance or act. Instead we see government infringing more and more on citizen’s rights.

      • paulmagillsmith

        No, Kitt, I think the answer to her is prudishness, ignorance of facts, fear someone else might be having a good time, and being a tight assed Republican. Satire & a fine, or not, I hope he never has her back on the show again, because her sour pussed attitude is just a buzz kill.

        • David

          You are calling out a rebublican for being ignorant to the facts? Have you tried to get a democRAT to accept facts lately?

          • Planet

            left vs right is a classic divide & conquer strategy: it’s all a puppet show.

      • Phoenix King

        It’s satire you idiots, like the fuck are you even saying?

        Read the website name!

    • Phoenix King

      This is a Satire website…

  • Simon Bar

    They should have invoked the $420 million dollar fine.

    • Deanna Polk

      But it’s okay to show tits and ass on tv? Okay to show people getting blown up, blood everywhere? Okay to show alcohol commercials? Get real.

      • Simon Bar

        This Article is satire.. And do you know what 420 is??

  • ESM

    Ok, so this article is too stupid to be true. It’s a joke, right??

  • Lebowski113

    If some Child is staying up to watch an adult news show, his parents are much bigger problem than Bill Maher lighting a spliff. Why not take their kids away and return that veteran’s (who maher was talking about) to him so they can move to Colorado? Oh right, being evil is ok if you can convince enough stupid people you’re doing good.

  • Stein Harding

    Kids watch beer commercials everyday, and that drug is way more dangerous than cannabis. Hypocrisy.

    • Dennis Justice

      They play American football (which encourages obesity among linemen and causes concussions due to players using helmets as weapons) too.

      • David

        Dumbest statement of the day….

        • CYCLOPS


  • mbunker2007

    wow……our country is so terribly, terribly STUPID if this is how the FCC is reacting. 2016………just wow. Get the stick out of your $%@!$@ oops….I suppose they will be fining me soon for that as well. Pathetic.

    • paulmagillsmith

      Even if untrue, and just satire, the article opened a discussion we need to be having all over America until cannabis is fully legal in all states & federally.

  • mbunker2007

    potentially deadly? omg this country is in trouble…..we are in so much trouble….

  • mbunker2007

    watch the fools actually file charges against him. Yeah, that’ll teach him. Real service to society. Legalize. Stop this madness. This absolute MADNESS. Like he gives a $%@!, and who can blame him?

  • mbunker2007

    Wheeler sounds like he could use a good old fashioned HUMAN experience. Not to mention a night OFF and OUT.

  • mbunker2007

    Even the Fathers praised and loved the herb so says the tale that is. Shall we fine them and lock them up as well?

    • mbunker2007

      for their own good, and the good of American society?

  • mbunker2007

    I hope Maher and his lawyer crush any lawsuit.

  • Edward C Pugia
    • Dan Holmes

      My thoughts exactly Mr. Pugia

    • B. Flatt

      You demonstrate a great economy of language.

  • Bmweric

    Really? The FCC refuses to deal with harmful interference issues nationally, refuses to do anything about equal time, and they have time to write up, in a day or two a fine of 1.7 million bucks for smoking cannabis on TV? Does the FCC have the slightest bit of proof that the “joint” was even really cannabis? I suspect his lawyer will tear the FCC a new orifice thru which to defecate, as my Atty. likes to put it.

  • B. Flatt

    That single act might become that catalyst we need to get legislation changed once and for all.

  • Bubba Q Maggot

    It doesnt take long to get a bad law passed using fear, misinformation and lies.

    But getting that bad law overturned , using real facts and research, takes forever.

  • Forrest Humus

    Satire is fine but the piece needs a few moar laffs.

  • Kitt Richards

    I watch RTT, and I (mostly) like bill maher, but his periodic and petulant soapbox about MJ is annoying. there are bigger problems humanity faces for which his power and reach could exert much more leverage and enlightenment (think jon stewart). he also lacks facts when it comes to protocols for medical MJ (MMJ) use – and, like many – extols “getting stoned” as the correct use of MMJ to ease real suffering.

    yes, I do have expertise in the field of MMJ and am completely for it as an incredible tool in the arsenal of many sick & suffering people. it offers safe, powerful symptom control with minimal side effects if used correctly in terms of strain, “dose”, and blend. maher lacks this knowledge and expertise and only beats his own little tin drum from time to time to serve his own self-absorbed purposes.

    I invite him to book an appointment at our clinic and have a discussion about best-use of MMJ for his “qualifying condition”. getting stoned on recreational (high THC) MJ is very different than using MMJ (carefully blended strains) for optimal therapeutic effect.

    I think he does his fans (and the public at large, using stunts like he pulled on his show this week) a great disservice. he also contributes to the confusion of sick and suffering people and helps them use MJ in a way that is not therapeutically beneficial.

    • paulmagillsmith

      Kitt, I believe you totally missed the point. Bill is a front line soldier against the stupid drug wars, and made a powerful non-violent protest against people who would try to curtail his liberty & right to use the plant in any manner he finds most appropriate. Isn’t it also a bit presumptuous of you to assume he hasn’t thoroughly studied a major portion of the information available about cannabis for both medicinal, AND recreational use? Additionally, there have been dozens (or hundreds) of movies & programs showing people smoking pot, even those showing people snorting coke, shooting up, popping pills, & more. So the threat of a fine, and fighting the FCC, or any other repressive agency, might be intentional if he wants to have ‘damage’ to bring the case up the legal ladder against the forces of oppression. Good for Bill to stand up, and champion this cause we 420 people heartily believe in, and believe it is time for this injustice to cease. Thank you, Bill, for being honest & truthful. =D

    • OR_Coast_Greenman

      And to say that there are bigger issues than cannabis legalization, which is what Bill was promoting with his on air joint smoking, is to ignore the entire aspect of industrial uses of cannabis.

      Given freedom to grow any strain I choose on my 2/3 acre property, I can produce enough food, fiber, medicine, and fuel for my family. No other plant allows me to do this.

      When we re-legalize cannabis and get rid of the fictitious legal sub-classification/differentiation of “industrial hemp” plants being cannabis that has less than 0.03% THC we will again see the incredible productivity of this plant, versus the crippled productivity of THC limited plants, which is all that’s been seen and researched in the “industrial hemp” industry since 1937.

      Historically hemp was any cannabis being grown for fiber, seed, or fuel purposes. Our founding fathers grew lots of hemp, but ZERO acres of THC limited “industrial hemp”. That class of cannabis species was only created in the 1920’s and 30’s by botanist Leister Dewey at the behest of the USDA in order to create stable, ultra-low THC strains of the varieties of Cannabis historically used for energy, fiber, and seed production.

      Really, this genetically crippled subset of Cannabis should be called Prohibitionist hemp.

      And don’t get me wrong, I’m all FOR the use of cannabinoid ratios balanced less heavily toward THC, as these ultra high THC strains dominating the market are just as much an artifact of prohibition (created by black market breeders in response to a recreational market that valued, and still values, highly intoxicating cannabis) when they need for higher and higher THC and got less and less “high reducing” CBD as a result.

      It ALL needs to be legal, whether it’s recreational, puff puff, pass, or medicinal in any method of intake. Just like our founding fathers and our great grandparents had it.

    • OR_Coast_Greenman

      Shouldn’t we not pit recreational use against medicinal… It ALL needs to be legal, and those of us who are more interested in the medicinal uses like you and me, can be free to properly help the people who really need this plant and ALL of it’s medicinal compounds can become free to use them along with those who are stigmatized and criminalizes for their enjoyment of the high induced by the also very medicinal compound THC…

  • Sigh. The ignorance of this nation will be its downfall. It has already begun. I hope we have time to correct the course.

  • Ernesto Badillo Alarcón

    HBO presents every day, as any other network, a bunch of movies depicting extreme violence, abuse and graphic scenes that are very healthy for kids, right? NOOOOO.

    Bill talks about MJ all the time. If you are a parent who has this in mind and disapprove you would never let your children watch his show, and let them read the paper, listen to the radio and watch on TV that alcohol is classy, the FCC allows this, no problem at all, Let your kids get drunk and kill others on the highway. As long as the FCC doesn’t tell you that’s wrong you’ll be OK.

    Bill’s concerns have to do with a lot of issues, like climate change, ethnical and LGBT rights, civil rights, etc. which I consider are very good for the whole world, children included.

    A joint smoked on TV is not an infomercial, it is a message.

  • ConcernedCitizen2321

    What is truly staggering is how he continued to do the show after being stoned.

  • mbunker2007

    scroo the FCC, legalize!

  • Brett Pavel

    Unbelievable. As stupid as fining someone for flashing us with their breast for a micro second hardly possible to see with instant reply, lol.

  • steven4704

    Tom Wheeler is obviously not educated on the topic of marijuana and he needs to be. Also, he needs to be educated about YouTube. There are much worst videos on YouTube that the kids are watching. Light up Tom!!!

  • Marjie61

    stupid fekking dinosaurs!!!!!!

  • Jim

    I’ll turn this over to Snopes. Have fun.


    What about those drunks every morning 5 days a week

  • bicyclist11

    Sure, as long as you show violence to kids, that’s approved. Fight this with every fiber of your existence, and every one of your fans will back you up. That’s a lot of fans.

  • Deanna Polk

    We see bodies blown up on TV, we see hateful men spewing hate speech at groups of people, we see tits and ass till the cows come home, and you want to fine this guy?! Clean up the rest of your media before casting stones.

  • Nancie Tharp

    You go Bill…probably kids see their parents smoking anyway…deadly smoke ondeed. Geez…

  • Matthew Monsoor

    I think he might be able to beat the FCC since they have let swearing on cable as they have let X-rated programs too. But the California Medical Marijuana Law that he broke for sharing with Killer Mike will be hard to deal with.

    • paulmagillsmith

      First they need proof, and Ha, Ha, he destroyed the evidence, didn’t he. Smart cookie, I’d say. =D

    • Matthew Monsoor

      Looks like the FCC fine is bogus but his medical access might be in jepority. Haven’t found any other reports of the fine but this link.

  • Imakeartallday

    There’s more than 800,000 alcohol related deaths annually in the US……..probably 0 for weed.

    • paulmagillsmith

      And ~35,000 OD deaths from pills. Pot…ZERO…EVER.

  • Louis Nevitt

    Deadly joint, deadly smoke; who wrote this?

  • manhattman

    Should have come up and shot on location in Seattle We welcome you Bill!

  • wingzz

    Who the heck made these statements, Harry Anslinger?

  • Michael Ewing

    I was watching and got a context high. (TU Family Guy)

  • kkb

    But FUX SPEWS can commit treason and lie all fucking day? Worthless, the FCC. They ought to all be FIRED.

  • kkb

    And how about those pastors selling magical oil and ripping off the stupid 24/7? THAT’S OKAY, TOO, RIGHT? Fuck you, FCC, I spit on you all.

  • Bushay

    Marijuana Overdoses Kill 37 in Colorado On First Day of Legalization’.lolololol

  • Doc_Rock

    I’m calling bullshit on this. The FCC doesn’t censor cable subscription channels…only the public airwaves.

    • Phoenix King

      It’s a Satire Website, of course its Satire

  • Josh Huckstep

    Shout out to every moron commenting who doesn’t realize this website is nothing but satire. Google that word if you don’t know what it means.

  • Terresa Rempel

    So to use their reasoning , maybe shows like Dexter or Criminal Minds should not be on TV. Just in case kids think murder is okay. What can’t kids see on TV? they see everything , everything , and if they have utube, wow, access to alot worse than seeing a grown man smoke a herb. The other day I came a cross a video of a woman $uck$ing a dog , and i was looking for a playlist. But a “deadly” joint? I hope he fights the fine and wins. I wish every talkshow host would light up in solidarity.

  • Doc Rock

    It’s satire. Look at the source,

    The FCC does not regulate paid cable channels in terms of censorship fines, only the public airwaves

  • Robert Williams

    This article was obviously written by a drunk whose braincells have given up. Satire has no place in enforcing propaganda.

  • Bill Monroe

    Wheeler is an uninformed illiterate idiot.

  • Brian Gregory

    ‘deadly’ joint? lol no more deadly than a beer

  • Hudson

    Even though I am not the biggest fan of his how does the FCC know it was a joint? It could have been just a hand rolled cigarette. Leave him alone and go away with that stuff.

  • A.S.

    Time to replace the FCC with people that actually posses a brain.

  • A.S.

    This is where the supreme court can change things. BE SURE TO VOTE STRAIGHT DEMOCRATIC TICKET IF YOU WANT IT LEGALIZED.

  • Hypnoswan

    Smoking a ‘deadly’ joint? What about ‘deadly’ alcohol that people drink all the time on TV?


    Alcohol kills thousands every year – Cannabis….none

    talk about double standards

    Mind you it’s probably simply sheer stupidity – some people actually cannot understand satire

  • Vic Lagina

    Deadly marijuana smoke, but cigarette smoke is fine. Seriously?

  • Aaron Patrick Policoff

    So sue The Chew. They drink cocktails

  • MVL

    his fine should have been the removal of his larynx.

  • NOW are you ready to look up the words “FREE” and “LEGAL”, and stop begging to “legalize marijuana” when what is needed is to REPEAL CANNABIS PROHIBITION?

    FYI: If it isn’t done BEFORE the corporations write the statutes to take COMPLETE control, and BEFORE the global economic crash finally lands…IT WILL BE TOO LATE! So *no big rush.

    *Unless you’ve been paying attention to world events over the last 40 years or so…

  • Tracy DuChien Jr.

    Oh, did they fine Zach Galifianakis when he did it on Maher’s show?

  • There is nothing you can do or say to shame Bill into thinking he did anything wrong and no one else thinks he did anything wrong. The days of shaming Marijuana smokers is over. Life is short and they are having fun and those that aren’t or want to make a issue of it are mostly unhappy BS people.

  • William A Palmer

    I don’t particularly like Bill Maher but this is ridiculous. The FCC has long been out of control.

  • The Mule

    That moment when you realize this is satire.

  • Alex

    “Some kid might see them smoking weed and think its ok”. Good, because it is ok, and throwing around words like dangerous just makes the FCC look even dumber then they are.

  • TimLong

    It IS OK!


    You all know this story is fake right?

  • Jamroast

    Prove it was a joint! Deny everything.

  • curryeckelhoff

    I could tell the woman on the panel was offended. She was flinging her hands every which way to keep the smoke away from her. The show was over she could well have gotten up and walked away but instead she complained. She and Bill had disagreed on the Bush’s during the show so she was no doubt pissed already before the joint came out. So ridiculous. And yeah, how many “children” watch the Bill Maher Show? Zero I would bet.

  • Bernie Cody

    You got the power my friend. While we’re at it, let’s deal with this whole ‘is there or isn’t there god(s)’ thing? Proof…right on Your show! Let Me know.

  • HardCore Detroit

    We got poison water in Flint MI… haters go to hell… #FreeBill

  • Too busy to play

    It is never a good idea to break the law on TV or anywhere. Bill seems to have to cross the line occasionally, maybe when his ratings are down. His Hillary Hategasms are getting very old, and I think people are tuning out. It is getting kind of boring, because the format is identical every week and the guests are getting less interesting.

  • Isabel Etkind

    The kids that Mr. Wheeler is protecting already know about Marijuana and if they choose to are smoking already. Marijuana is readily available. Publicizing Marijuana leads to discussions about it which is a good thing. Thinking people research and discuss new information whatever it is.

  • Datrebor

    To the FCC; Newsflash, Kids already know its safe. They are not as stupid as the anti-marijuana people. The only way that joint can be deadly is if you get it wet, freeze it, and stab someone with it.

  • I don’t smoke weed, but I don’t get upset with second hand weed either…Deadly ???? Are you kidding me? When I was on chemotherapy a few years ago for 6 months…the doctors were amazed that I did not die…AND that I was completely cured…looking back, I wonder if that was because I inhaled second hand weed daily while watching TV with my adult son who smoked for his bi-polar condition…..

  • Michael

    Two years from now this will all be looked at as the most ridiculous story – I don’t even smoke but please!

  • Bruce Whalen

    She was another uptight Republican with her panties in a twist. She probably called the FCC herself or called the Bush family..cuz ya know how the FCC got when they were in office.

  • Problem_Solved

    Unless they arrested him at that moment and collected the evidence, they can’t prove what was in the “joint”. Case closed thank you very much! Bills in the mail. Vote Trump.

  • Nikki Henderson

    give that FCC moron a cookie. or maybe a brownie. it might make him feel better about himself and others. lol. what an idiot.

  • Scott Cook
    • Satira Tribune

      You’re a fucking moron.

  • Doug Deleruyelle

    “One of his panel members was obviously not happy with the event and Maher put her in danger from the potentially deadly marijuana smoke.” What a moronic thing to say.

  • factdaddy

    Why don’t the FCC fine Comcast for ripping off all people who ever paid a cable bill. It’s because they joined the dirtbag company with fee harvesting we pay them every month for what. Please protect us from the FCCrooks.. If you can’t stand reality don’t watch Bill.

  • ThomasinaPaine

    lolololololol deadly….lolololol

  • Ming1942

    Potential deadly marijuana smoke? What BS. Alcohol kills thousands every year and they advertise it on TV. Marijuana has never killed anyone. Fight it, Bill….

  • MikeParent

    “Satiratribune” aka satire

  • Nick Speropulos

    The author does not reveal him or herself. Who wrote this?

  • It’s harmless. It’s a dietary essential for you and your children, dummies. Fuck artificial constraints from the FCC, the States, or anybody else.

  • SG

    I vote for Bill Maher as President! Run, Bill, run!!!!!

  • LoudGuitr

    He could just deny it was pot. Prove otherwise.

  • Herman Allmaras

    The children again. But go ahead and guzzle all the booze you can handle on TV, right?

  • George Kofoed


  • Robert Padgett

    Stoners don’t understand what satire mean….stupid stoners

  • Justin W

    *giggles hysterically*

    Oh my, that was good satire. Right? Hey, guys, it’s not…….. it couldn’t be.

  • Gregg Gazaway

    Jesus Jumped the FUCK up – wtf is wrong with society that we are even seeing issues such as this BULLSHIT being enforced, when there is so much more important and haneious to mankind that need attention? get a fucking grip!

  • bythebayCK

    what a joke. the FCC saw a target for EASY MONEY and they went after it, even though the they are just as aware as the rest of the planet of the PROVEN BENEFITS of mj. give it a break. there’s your reefer madness, up close and personal. besides…the FCC has no problem with theater, tv and movies portraying pot smoking. Please tell me the difference? Will the kiddies get high from one program and not from the other, perchance? money mongers, one and all.

  • WehoScott

    Maher will win. The FCC has NO authority over a premium pay cable channel. Whether it’s a theatrical film that HBO shows where people smoked, or a TV show shot in front of a studio audience. HBO is not broadcast over public airwaves. Now the City of LA COULD cite Maher but probably won’t.

  • ricky schultz

    Right on BILL and extra kudos for NOT bogarting that joint. I hope Mr. Maher starts a viral campaign, I bet 1.7 million people will pony up one dollar pretty quickly–count me in. The FCC is so OUT-OF-TOUCH and “Potentially deadly marijuana smoke?” That’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever read–straight outta “Reefer Madness”? No right here in 2016, lol.

  • Paul Roper Sr.

    @FCC fuck off!

  • naoc53

    I agree with Don Handy. It didn’t hurt anyone. And it is ridiculous FCC sanction him for this when everything else passes that goes on. They are as messed up and the person thinking the smoke hurt anyone.

  • John Deckenbach

    Deadly marijuana? Lies are more murderous.

  • OldCowboy 2

    Apparently, none of you have noticed that the name of this web site begins with ‘satira.’ Satira is the Latin word for satire.

  • David Espinoza

    “Kids are looking at the video of it on YouTube as we speak” because kids care about Bill Maher…..

  • Biff McFly

    Fuck anyone that says anything negative about Marijuana. If you want to know who the dipshits that are ruining this World, just pinpoint the fucking idiots that prohibit Marijuana, these are the fucktards that are ruining your Country, your sanity, and your general well being. FUCK THEM!

  • Danny Maiorani

    This story also got picked up by some website called national Marijuana news or something. Apparently a lot of people are too stupid to know the FCC has no jurisdiction over cable channels.

  • DrunkEnough

    Who cares?

  • Bymynishus


    Check the “About Us” section. Satirical means they “attempt” to write “funny” stories to satirize real events but in reality it’s a clickbait site that writes half-assed stories in order to make money by showing all you outraged people advertisements.

  • Suezan True

    One of the panelists was endangered by the deadly weed? Ok… kids watching could be effected, they’re probably smoking there own pot!

  • Dan Francis

    This is weed. It has zero documented deaths and has, according to medical studies, SAVED LIVES (Want sources? I got ’em).
    This is weed. It’s no more dangerous than giving you the munchies and making you want to raid the pantry.

  • Billy Dee

    Pure madness….Why aren’t we rioting at the FCC headquarters right now?!

  • Philippe Cote

    “I didn’t share my medical marijuana with killer Mike, I shared the marijuana I get from my guy with killer Mike.”

  • jzj01

    Go Bill!

  • A deadly joint? As opposed to that non-lethal gun you can buy over the counter without any background checks?

  • shimpainai

    Ok…they smoke cigarettes and drink hard liquor and kill people on television what of kids get a whiff of that? Marijuana cures people…it is ok to smoke it. I think its ok for Bill to.share a little health and prosperity with friends and kids would be better off.with more pot and less sugar and soda. Don’t show pictures of people drinking soda for God’s sake!!

  • Chris Slaughter

    A deadly joint? LOL…PLEASE explain what you mean by “deadly”

  • What if a child should see someone getting decapitated in a movie on HBO?

  • srichey321

    Maher needs to fight this. The FCC is already useless as it is.

  • Frazier Hicks Jr

    A deadly joint. I never touch the stuff and even I know it’s not deadly. Ridiculous crap in this story.

  • guilloche

    Some of these comments explain Trump’s lead in the polls perfectly.

  • montex

    Thank you, Bill Maher, for proving the FCC is not serving the people of the United States.

  • wpp105

    Last time I checked, FCC doesn’t have broadcast censor standards for premium TV channels. Fox News went to court, and won, to have FCC fines tossed for altering facts in stories, which the FCC find them over.

  • Steve Quinney

    The only thing put in danger would have been the snack table in the green room.

  • rene

    a least he is not shy, like many upper class behind the close door , doing triple the bad as this

  • maebelleish clark

    I got a bigger kick out of his BS about republicans being dividers. He’s the biggest one on tv
    His hate for republicans is so obvious and childish. I’m a Democrat and can hardly stand it when he’s harping on republicans, especially Bill O’Reilly.

  • why wasn’t Zach Galifianakis fined when he did this like 2 years ago on the same show?

  • Jesse B

    “Deadly marijuana smoke” LMAO. Too fucking good xD

  • André Begnaud

    even if he pays the fine, it was a better investment than the 1 to the obama campaign.

    by his own words, wheeler has demonstrated that, he is obviously ignorant on the subject

  • Jeff Hershman

    So …….how will they Prove that it was ‘Deadly Marijuana’ & not just Oregano rolled up in that Spleef ?? lol

  • Reality Thinker

    To FCC chairman Tom Wheeler, fuck you, you prohibitionist cunt.
    Try and join the 90’s at least you backward thinking dinosaur

  • Some guy named joe

    This is so ridiculous. your soooo worried kids will watch bill maher smoking a joint on a rated tv-ma late night tv show. As reality TV shows show 20 something year olds getting so drunk they can’t walk. Your so hypocritical maybe you should let your kids watch bill they certainly aren’t going to learn anything from you. Tom Wheeler you have no clue what you talking about get your facts straight. You should be more worried about your kid running over somebody or being run over In a DWI then overdosing on “deadly weed smoke”.


    The only reason Pot is still Illegal is it’s keeping people employed to enforce laws against it. If it became legal imagine how many people in law enforcement and DEA would get laid off. Pot never killed anyone. It should be legal. We are however getting closer all the time. It just will take more time.

  • Tennessee Nichols

    My God the hypocrisy. .by the time a kid reaches age 18 they will have witnessed 25k murders on television. .

  • OGalaxy

    The FCC won’t let me be or let me be me so let me see…

  • this is a fake article stop commenting on it lol

  • Olivia M

    It was probably tobacco. Calm down.

  • Gail B

    If the woman on the panel was exposed to the “danger” of mj smoke, she must have not inhaled. Danger over.

  • chip renner

    You see people smoking cigarettes & drinking alcohol on tv every day.Tell me mr Wheeler why that is allowed & pot is not.More children will grow up & ruin their lives with both LEGAL drugs that are proven way worse then pot.A little hypocritical if you ask me.Unless those big industries have paid off the FCC & Mr Wheeler.Ever watch Blue Bloods?That show has a strong YOUNG audience.Mr Sellick & other cast members can be seen drinking at most meals.At work they have pulled a bottle of whiskey out & indulged after a rough day.At work?Get your priorities in order please.Bill Mahr is less a danger to our children then Tom Sellick is.You just don’t want to see it!

  • Patricia Stidham-Burns

    A “DEADLY” joint. I have never heard of such a thing. Is this some new deadly strain going around we haven’t been warned about? Or is this a BLATANT LIE! There is no such thing as “deadly joints”
    However there I such things as “deadly reporting.” When kids read stuff like this and find out it’s a lie, how are they to believe anything an adult tells them? Especially when it does come to “deadly drugs” The number one being alcohol!
    We have to be honest with them so they will believe us on the truly important things in life. This kind of junk reporting just doesn’t cut it.
    I will be very surprised if my comment survives and I edited it!

  • Anony_Mouse58

    “potentially deadly marijuana smoke.”

  • Dave Milner

    Tom Wheeler: you’re not my mother nor are you this nation’s mother. I suggest that you mind your own business.
    It’s time to end the myopic, ineffective, hypocritical, and failed “War On Drugs.”

  • Phil Velders Jr.

    As posted on


    The Daily Currant is an English language
    online satirical newspaper that covers global politics, business,
    technology, entertainment, science, health and media. It is accessible
    from over 190 countries worldwide – now including South Sudan.

    Our mission is to ridicule the timid ignorance which obstructs our progress, and promote intelligence – which presses forward.

    Q. Are your news stories real?

    A. No. Our stories are purely fictional. However they are meant to
    address real-world issues through satire and often refer and link to
    real events happening in the world

    Q. Recent media articles have accused The Daily Currant of purposely fooling its readers, and making no attempt to make them laugh. Is this true?

    No. These allegations derive from an uninformed media narrative and are not supported by the facts. The Daily Currant makes millions of people laugh, and the strong majority of its traffic comes from readers who understand it to be satire.

    For a public official to use a “admitted” “SPOOF” site as a misleading “FACT” is only a sign of what IDIOTS are running our country.

    This jerk needs to be FIRED ON THE SPOT for this outright LIE.

    • willfixit

      At the same time, you do realize that -this- is a satire site as well, right?

  • the general

    But its ok for Kardashian to have a show where they have alcoholic cocktail drink named very sexual and they play as games and talk about explicit sex while getting drunk but they DEATH RIDDEN HELL BOUND FCC says is ok. Why did they only mention Killer Mike (black guy) when 3 out if 4 on Bill panel smoked. This article is obviously written by a RACIST. Im racist so I know one when I see one. Anyways this article is grabage and everyone in the FCC will die.

  • The only thing I’m in fear of dying from is laughing at your ridiculously written article.

  • Joe Marenfeld

    1.7 Million ? The price of pot just keeps going up. We should legalize it already and ban soda !

  • Stanley Robertson

    The FCC chairman is the most ignorant moron I’ve ever heard of. He should be fired with extreme prejudice. That stupid mofo actually used the phrasing “deadly” when referring to weed. What douchebaggary…but he doesn’t care, as long as he gets his power and control and pretends to care. The whole country is warming up to the idea of legal marijuana and this bag of d1ccks is still stuck in the fcukkin stone ages!! Fire the bum!!

  • Steve Davenport

    Who is this Wheeler idiot.Been around smoke 50+ years and have never saw on overdose.

  • Dr.JohnnyFever

    Bill will win this one.

  • Matunos

    C’mon folks, look at the name of this site. Look at the description at the bottom of the page.

  • Ann Wick

    Bill, Bill, Bill……that was just plain dumb.

  • E pluribus unum

    the FCC has really no authority….

  • kharly

    Deadly OMG smoke a joint!

  • OT

    I love how unbiased this article is. Oh wait a sec….

  • Deborah Dietz

    “Deadly joint”? LOL What are these? Speshul GOP rilly tilly true factz about drugz?

  • Vindication

    Deadly? Seriously?



  • Jan Loll

    Not true. Bill did smoke a joint, but never got fined for it.

  • Mike Estes

    Fire Wheeler NOW! Someone start a WH petition, please!

  • diablodejalisco

    i can see a $50.00 fine but that other amount is just like robbery. get some common sense dude.

  • pioneer autogroup

    If people took 10 minutes to research Trump they would abandon him. He cheated on two wives after they worked their butts off to build his empire then tried to screw them over on alimony. His father was arrested for being a violent #$%$ member and was forced to allow blacks to rent his apartments by the DOJ. His father was German heritage but lied during the world wars to keep making money during anti German mentality. The Trumps had direct ties to the mafia. Trump was in a military high school and claimed he was a better soldier than real soldiers yet he avoided the draft more than 5 times during Vietnam for heal spurs which he never had and several school related deferments. And these things are just the tip of the iceberg.

    Trump opens his mouth and we hear the frustrated roar of a white male who fears his automatic privilege may be slipping away. Fear of women, anyone he suspects wasn’t born here, people of color (any color), and anyone who doesn’t worship in a mainline Protestant church are included, free of charge.

    “Make America great again?” Puh-leeze. It’s a testament to America’s greatness that the businesses he drove into bankruptcy not one, but four times, were able to survive and flourish

    Trump’s shtick excites a portion of the electorate — resentful, xenophobic, white — that is more robust than most political elites realized, but the shtick also polarizes. Trump has higher unfavorables than any of his opponents. Taken to a national race, his current act will even more sharply divide an already polarized country.

    And here’s the bedrock obstacle to Trump’s success: there are simply not enough struggling, resentful, xenophobic white people in the US to constitute a national majority sufficient to win a presidential election.

  • Box1Car

    Rediculous!> Cigs contain more poison than MJ> For 3 centuries Tobacco Fields used Arsenate of Lead as insecticide where impure Lead contained Polonium 84 a deadly radioactive element that is carcoginic
    How poisonous? KGB used PO84 to kill spies as it was not traceable IF the spy was a smoker
    PO84 emits alpha particles to cause cancer. Gov’t decided to keep growing Tobacci because it would extract the Poison from the fields over time so food could be grown in 21st Century. Besides Tobacci users would die from Tar & Nicotine poisons anyway, so who cares?

  • Robert D.

    I like that this liberal scum who loves socialism, is now mad over such government oversight limiting his “free speech” of lighting a marijuana joint on live TV. Is this guy for real “time” or just full of [email protected]

  • Joiner Tyrone
  • Rapheal O Williams

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  • bodydelightsnj

    You’re an idiot! “Deadly Marijuana Smoke” GTFOH!

  • peter

    How can anyone prove that there wasn’t regular tobacco in it?

  • jack b tripper

    so indulging in something that has never killed anyone is punishable…yet money pours in for tv ads that push drugs that do….ahhh america what a country

  • Phyllistein King

    Lol.. All of the worse Sh** that is going on in this country that people are getting away with. All of the bogus mess that is shown on television that is a whole lot worse than this. I see what you do. Pick and choose. People making rules as they go along to suite them. Who gives a sh** that he smoked a joint. At least he tells the truth. So what is this rally about. They smoke all on television. We see what you are doing. He most likely need it dealing with y’all, lol…

  • Obama will be on Bill’s show on November 4th. Maybe a joint smoked in the Rose Garden won’t cause such a ruckus. I pray I live to see the day when weed is legal in all 50 states.

  • Amy Washburn

    FCC’s content restrictions are blatantly unconstitutional. Completely apart from the fact that they’re only supposed to apply to BROADCAST stations, not HBO!