Donald Trump Admits His Campaign Was One Big April Fools Day Joke

Albert H. Teich /
Albert H. Teich /

On the footsteps of Trump Tower in New York City, Republican candidate admitted his presidential campaign was one big April Fools Day joke and would serve to promote his new reality television show documenting the prank.

“What, I was kidding, I was kidding,” said Trump. “It was one big joke.”

Many Americans sighed a sigh of relief with the glorious news. Trump was as happy as ever.

“I fooled you guys so good. Had everyone really going. It was probably the greatest April Fools joke in the history of mankind. Totally worth it.

“You really think I should be president? Give me a break.”

Trump said the lesson of the experience was not to be so “gullible.”

“Now you’re stuck with ‘Lying Ted’ and that’s no joke, that’s some scary shit.”

Trump’s show “Donald Controls the World” debuts on the Bravo channel this June.

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