Dragon Ball Z vs The Avengers Movie Gets Greenlight From Disney


dragon ball z 6In surprising news, a Dragon Ball Z and Avengers tie-in movie officially got the greenlight from Disney and production will begin this August in Georgia.

The movie is being financed by Disney and several Chinese companies. They expect the film to be the biggest hit the Asian market has ever seen. An industry insider said “it will make Kung Fu Panda look like The Lone Ranger,” which bombed in the box office after a $250 million budget.

Cooperation between Disney and Fox, who owns the movie rights to the Japanese anime series, Dragon Ball Z. The announcement comes after a deal to make an Avengers and Justice League tie-in film.

The blockbuster is being written by Sam Seaborn and South Korean director Yeon Sang-ho is in talks to direct. Casting has begun to fill out the Dragon Ball Z characters.

The tentative story will be about alien bad guys invading earth with the Z Warriors helping save the Avengers from certain doom, then teaming up to save the universe. The world will be a mix of the two franchises with a futuristic spin.

With a budget of $150 million, it’s slated to be released June 2019. A big budget Dragon Ball Z movie has been rumored for over 16 years with fans anxiously waiting. While many prefer a standalone live action film, adding the Avengers could be interesting.

Disney CEO Bob Iger said, “We are determined to give the people what they want and this will be the biggest film of the year.”

The new Dragon Ball Z Super show debuts in Japan this summer and an English dubbed version in early 2017.