Donald Trump Rushed To Hospital After Apparent Stroke

(Trump Tower Emergency)
(Trump Tower Emergency)

Donald Trump was taken to a New York Hospital at 1:25 am after Melina Trump called 911 for an emergency about her husband. Paramedics left the Trump Tower at 1:47 am and was taken to the hospital.

Doctors confirmed Tump suffered a stroke but was expected to make a full recovery. Trump told reporters, “The doctors said it was the best stroke they have ever seen. No one has had a better stroke in the history of mankind, so that means a lot to me.

“My heart is now two or three times as strong as before so you could say it was a miracle but miracles don’t happen to me, I create the miracles.”

The stroke comes at a time when Republicans are criticizing Clinton for working while with pneumonia. Women tend to live longer than men and suffer fewer ailments as they reach older ages.

“I’m sure the Libtards think I’m weak, but this situation shows I can act in an emergency,” said Trump. “It was really easy; you just dial 911. Where was Crooked Hillary to dial 911 during Benghazi?

Cell phones were not allowed in the critical care unit, but Trump said he would tweet all about the situation when he’s discharged from the hospital after several more hours of observations. “Can’t wait to tweet my followers. Maybe the Clinton Foundation had a part in this. Would that surprise anyone?”

“My worry about all the rapist and murders probably caused the stroke. We need the ‘wall’ so billions of Americans can sleep well at night.”

“I will be at the debate, ready to kick that bitch’s ass. She’ll have nowhere to hide. It will be a tremendous one one fight with tremendous ratings. We will have the best ratings ever and it’s not because of her. People are tuning in to see me and my awesomeness.”

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    I don’t believe in wishing harm to come to anyone who isn’t a genocidal maniac. Trump hasn’t quite earned that label…. yet.