China Ramps Up Fentanyl Production To Destroy America’s Youth

(Chinese OC Fakes In the United States)

For revenge of the Opium Wars in China nearly 120 years ago, the country has vowed for revenge. At the time over a quarter of China was addicted to opium and was encouraged y Western profiteers. Now it’s China’s turn by dumping tons of Fentanyl, a synthetic opioid 50 times stronger than heroin, onto America’s streets where low life drug dealers mix it in their product resulting in thousands of accidental overdoses.

“You gave us opium and we will give you fentanyl that criminals will mix into heroin and pain pills,” said Xiao Yung. “So far, so good. Business continues to grow at record pace. We want to ship as much fentanyl to North America as possible,” said the

Chinese manufacturers produce 70% of the world’s synthetic opioid that is 50 times as powerful than heroin and ship it to major cartels to eventual infest the American public.

Fair Trade

Yet, Americans can’t share videos in China. Websites don’t have access to the 1.2 billion person market.

Holywood has made gains but only 20 American film are allowed to be screened in Chinese theatres. They already have 6,000 of them and are building more. That is 25% more screens than North America. If you are a indie film maker, there is no chance to be allowed distribution in China, yet the country boasts the most pirated versions of American TV shows and movies through illegal download or streaming services.

So, we can’t sell China a TV show but they are dumping the very dangerous narcotic on the streets of America.