Westworld Season 2 Canceled By HBO

westworld canceled by HBO
(Westworld red carpet event)

“Too expensive,” HBO executive Michael Goldwyn told Variety. “We’ll focus on smaller shows.”  

The show had great ratings and was called “the next Game of Thrones” (also an expensive show), but executives think they can replace the viewership with 3 to 4 other smaller shows. “We loved Westworld and the audience loved it too, but we can also make multiple comedies for the same price.”

Fans of the show were disappointed to hear of the cancellation. Some even said they would boycott HBO until the pay television service vowed to keep their promise and renew the western science fiction drama.

Producers of the show have already had talks with competitor Showtime and another meeting with Universal Pictures about a 3 part movie.

The show is based off the novel by Michael Craton, creator of Jurassic Park.