New Zelda Game Coming To PlayStation 4

zelda for ps4
(Zelda running on the PS4 Pro)

Tokyo – Nintendo shocked the video game world when it announced their upcoming Zelda game, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, will also be released by competitor Sony on the PlayStation 4. This is the first Nintendo game on a competitor’s video game console ever. Analysts predict it could sell an additional 20 million units which would generate an extra $1.2 billion in revenue.

It is rumored that the development cost has succeeded $150 million dollars so far. The game will release for the Nintendo Switch the end of 2017 and the PS4 version in Early 2018. It will compatible with the PS4 Pro. The controls with a PS4 controller will be announced at E3. The PS4 Camera may be required for the optimal experience. An inside source said the game runs “incredible smooth at 60fps.”

Mario for iPhone is another new strategy that Nintendo is experimenting with which is unusually for the very conservative company. The game could sell over 50 million downloads which had very low development costs. Apple executives said they were extremely happy with an early version of the game with one executive saying, “I grew up on Mario and this is the most fun I’ve ever had playing a mobile game.”

“With the PS4 version of Zelda, we don’t have to worry about losing money on the counsel,” said spokesman Yamcha Kenshin. “I guess you could say we are becoming a bit more Western in our philosophy but very slightly. We don’t want our games to suck.”

The new Nintendo console, the Switch, comes out in Spring 2017. With the failure of the Wii U, the company has a lot riding on the Switch which could affect the future of the company continuing in the low margin hardware market. 

With PS4 just breaking the 50 million unit sales figure, Nintendo could even sell more copies of the highly anticipated game.

  • I can’t believed this is happening.

  • Lonnie McCloud

    if this is true, this isn’t the first time that The Legend of Zelda has been “whored” out to competitors… there are a few lesser known games… don’t believe me go check out the Zelda titles released on the CD-I.. which were standalone titles made for the system and not port

    • Lan Mikoto

      Lesser known? Y-you’re kidding right?

      • Jordan

        The CD-i games are definitely lesser known.

    • Fyre Fry

      Those don’t count. Nintendo did not make those games. They were made by Philips and were failures. They are not considered canon, either. Nintendo lisenced Zelda to the company when they made the CD-i, but had zero involvement, otherwise.

    • NinetalesCommander

      Lol! You actually fell for this!? Sorry but that’s really dumb.

      • Lonnie McCloud

        Ok, settle down kid, I am gonna guess you didn’t even read what I posted or understand it, one or the other… Just because I commented on something doesn’t mean I “fell” for anything… I had some input about the subject matter, instead of regurgitating gratuitous negativity. and if you weren’t aware, there have been talks for several years of Nintendo going the route of SEGA and getting out of consoles to focus on just engineering games. The Playstation itself was originally the product of what was to be the the Sony side of a deal for producing the SNES-CD and would be compatible with SNES games. There were some licensing agreements that couldn’t be agreed upon so Nintendo went with Philips instead.. If… -> IF <- Nintendo wanted to contribute to the production of games on other consoles it wouldn't be a surprise to think the Playstation would be a good testing ground for that possibility because of their history.

        • NinetalesCommander

          Dude, this entire website is based on Satire! Even the name of the website clearly shows it’s based on satire.
          If it was on any other website like Nintendo Life, IGN, or Gamespot then I would see your point but this site thrives on satire.
          Also, you comparison to the Zelda CD-i games is invalid anyway, Nintendo didn’t work “with” Phillips, they merely granted them a license to use their characters. This game, on the other hand, is being made directly by Nintendo and not some silly 3rd party that thinks they can make good games.
          Like I said, it is pretty dumb that you even thought it was a possibility, as you showed when you said “If this is true”.

          • Lonnie McCloud

            Don’t know the meaning of settle down do ya?… I understand satire, but it doesn’t mean that actual conversation can’t be had about a topic without being so negative about everything all the time.. Nobody ever expected to see Sonic grace other consoles either or even actually be included in licensed Nintendo titles, yes this was after SEGA went into strictly game production but it was one of those things that nobody saw coming and people dreamed of seeing a Sonic and Mario faceoff… Now on this topic of Philips… Yes they did work with them striking a deal that pushed Sony out of the picture to produce the SNES-CD… they may not have had anything to do with the actual creation of the horrid Zelda games other than overseeing design documents and character sketches that spawned from the deal struck with Philips to soften the blow for backing out of the deal they had made…*
            There was also Super Mario Wacky Worlds that was to be released on the CD-i but never made it through the point of prototype… *(content warning-language)

          • NinetalesCommander

            I do not know why you’re telling me to “settle down”, I’ve been calm this entire time, this is merely how I speak to everyone.
            And you’re still mistaken about the comparison to the Zelda CD-i games, like I said before all Nintendo did was give Phillips the license to make games with their IP’s, the actual development of the Zelda CDi games was not handled by Nintendo. Nintendo’s only involvement was giving the creators of those games the license to use their IP’s.
            This, on the other hand, is a whole different story. This is a first party Nintendo title that is being made by Nintendo directly, and it’s right before the Nintendo Switch comes out! Why the heck would Nintendo put the new Zelda game on a competitors console when it could serve as a great driving force for the Nintendo Switch?
            Another thing as well is if this was real, tons of Nintendo Websites and YouTube channels would be covering this. I go onto Nintendo Everything, Nintendo Life, and My Nintendo News on a daily basis and none of them have talked about this, you know why? Because it’s fake! I’m sorry but the fact you thought this could be real is dumb, I know that’s harsh of me to say but sadly, it’s the truth.

  • Peter

    Fake fake fake and more fake.

    Godda admit though when I first seen it I was like wtf?

    Yeah you nearly had me for a minute 😀

  • John Tambanillo

    Who wrote this? This person needs to be crucified right now!

  • James Sullivan-Smith

    I actually can’t believe how obviously fake this is. How did you expect anyone to fall for this shit?

  • Lol, why did you write this? I’m guessing because of all the ads on your page. You even spelt console wrong.

  • Jose Diaz

    Lol!!! Can’t wait to play it 😀

  • Eiqhl

    “With PS4 just breaking the 50 million unit sales figure, Nintendo could even sell more copies of the highly anticipated game.”

    What idiot wrote this? If anything other than a freshman in high school or younger, just… well, let’s just say “I am disappoint.”

  • Christian Beach

    And here I thought CNN was fake news.

  • Eh

    Guys wait and see mabye it’ll happen who knows?
    MatPat did convince the CEO of Nintendo.
    So if it happens I won’t be surprised.