Trump: “A Nuclear Winter Would Be Great For The Economy, Several Christmases A Year”

donald trump loves nukes
Trump not concerned

“Think about great it would be,” said Trump. “It would help the economy more than Obama did. He probably doesn’t even celebrate Christmas.”

The statements come after he, the president-elect, seemed to be excited about another arms race with Russia and China. “We’ll build the biggest and best nuclear weapons you have ever seen.”

Even close Trump supporters were mortified by his reckless candor regarding nuclear weapons. Especially when Trump went into listing mode, which he enjoys doing. “There are a lot of places that I’m told could be nuked; ISIS, Africa, and probably Canada. We can’t, I said can’t, so the liberal media doesn’t make up what I said, nuke China because then who will we have the arms race with? Don’t be stupid.”

Have a Merry Christmas.”