Hillary Clinton: “If People Liked Me Half As Much As Princess Leia, I’d Be President”


princess leia carrie fisher and hillary clintonFamed Star Wars actress and novelist, Carrie Fisher, died Tuesday several days after a heart attack on a flight from London to Los Angeles. The 60-year-old was known for her role as Princess Leia in the Star Wars saga and the daughter of two Hollywood actors.

Hillary Clinton expressed her condolences to Fisher’s family and said, “If people liked me half as much as Princess Leia, I’d be president.” This thought is probably true after the outpouring of support for the actress on social media even though she acted in several movies and wrote about drug addiction while Clinton was helping children receive health care in Arkansas when her husband Bill Clinton was Governor.

“Politics and show business have many similarities, as seen by Mr. Trump winning the Electoral College,” said Clinton. “The Evil Empire is the United States and obviously Trump is Darth Vader. If I could go back in time, my message would be clear, don’t vote for Darth Vader, vote for Princess Leia and may the Force be with you.”

Trump responded, “The black helmet would be too small for my big head. But building a Death Star is a very smart idea.”