‘Hollyweed’ Artist Placed On FBI Top 10 Most Wanted List


hollyweed sign in hollywoodFBI Director James Comey announced the artist who replaced the two ‘o’s’ on the Hollywood sign to read Hollyweed is now on the 10 most wanted list by the federal department.

New Year’s day in Los Angeles, an unknown artist played a prank to support the recent recreational legal use of marijuana and peace. The FBI is not happy with the public endorsement of either topics. “Kids saw that sign,” said Comey. “They make it sound cool, hip, dope, and it’s not. It’s a scheduled class 1 drug by the federal government and not something to play around with like alcohol and tobacco, it’s serious stuff. It can make you mad. I recommend everyone watch Reefer Madness to help educate themselves on the devastating effects of the illegal drug.”

Most of the FBI is full of murderers and terrorist, now it has an artist. More details to come from the FBI. Right now, the FBI is recommending to stay away from the artist and weed unless they want to die a horrible death.

  • izraulhidashi

    LOL! Would that be the Top Ten Most Wanted Terrorists list, or just the Top Ten? lol.

    Oh,… FBI, so entertaining. They just sit by and watch Bankers rape our Country for trillions of dollars and steal millions of homes,… and their top priority is “HOLLYWEED”! lol. Oh yeah!

    • Anony_Mouse58

      Pssssssssssssssst…… Satire.