Someone Photocopied Trump’s Journal Listing His Enemies And It’s Even Crazier Than You Think

trump hates this picture
(Trump hates SNL))

The Drudge Report was sent a copy of Trump’s handwritten list of enemies. After blasting computers for being unsafe and that “people should use a carrier service,” the delivery guy photocopied the delivery which was composed of his list of ‘enemies’ to watch and questions on what power he will have to arrest and “perhaps kill the fuckers” on the list.

The message is terrifying enough until you see who is on the list. It includes; Bill Maher, The Rock, Don Lemon, Rachel Maddow, Wendy’s, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the Washington Post, Reebok, large gloves, tall trees, and even Jimmy Carter.

Another list of ‘good guys’ listed Vladimir Putin and several other African dictators. “Trump’s fascination with power hungry tyrants is a bit scary,” said Michael Moore. “I’m sure I’d be on his list if I hadn’t predicted he would win the election, or maybe not the entire list was photocopied. At over 600 pages long, it’s possible to miss a page or two. I just hope he doesn’t have a Volume 2 but I’m sure after a few weeks dealing with congress, he’ll be on Volume 8.”

Trump’s pettiness puts President Nixon to shame.