Obama: “I Promise To Take A Huge Shit On The White House Bed Before Trump Moves In”


obama laughingThis prank has been a tradition on the incoming president from the previous president since Andrew Jackson.

White House historian, Kevin Smith, told The Washington Post, “It’s a White House tradition that Obama promises to continue. There have been funny reactions from the prank over the years. Carter stared at the turd and said ‘ewww.’ Reagan didn’t notice the feces on the bed and slept a comfortable night. The following day he said ‘what the squishy bed. Best night sleep I’ve ever had. I’ll need to ask the maid how she got the bed to mold to my back.’ Reagan was later told he was sleeping on a piece of shit, a claim he said he didn’t remember.

Pranks on incoming presidents and staff is a long tradition, as noted by the TV series The West Wing and confirmed by W. Bush staff member who said, “Oh man, Clinton loved pranks. He glued all the table draws shut. And after we pried them open, we found a very stinking surprise. We were told Clinton had kept his stool samples for months to pull off this prank. It was pretty funny.

Obama said, “The night before the Inauguration, I’ll eat a huge BBQ dinner, ribs, greens, beans, the whole works. Then, after I sign over the last Presidential Pardons, I’ll take a little trip back to the bedroom with a magazine and push out a nice surprise for Trump. We have a betting pool on how long it takes for him to notice. My bet is over two hours. Probably won’t pull a Reagan and sleep on it for several days.”

Don’t worry Donald, it’s just locker room pranks.