Russians Hack Donald Trump’s Twitter Account

Joseph Sohm /

Tuesday night, the Twitter handle @theRealDonaldTrump was hacked by Russian authorities. According to Twitter the account was taken for several hours before Trump’s password and account could be taken back. A Russian authority personnel said, “His password was ‘password,’ so it wasn’t very hard to gain access to his account. He’s not a smart man.”

“You wouldn’t notice a difference,” says UCLA professor Tom Watkins. “The content of each text is pretty much the same as a fourteen-year-old child.”

It is unclear if any tweets were made without Trump’s knowledge but Trump was angry he could not tweet “hugely important tweets” during the confirmation hearing of Jeff Sessions for Attorney General.

Trump was ecstatic to regain his account in time for Obama’s farewell speech. “I changed my password to ‘12345’ so I should be good, it’s easy to remember.”