Trump: “I Don’t See Why We Can’t Split Europe Down The Middle With Russia”


“Russia did a great job controlling Europe in the 1950’s. We could easily do that again,” said Trump. “We will get a great deal out of it. We get the good part of Europe because I’m great at making those deals.”

Russian president Vladimir Putin said he would be open to the deal. “It’s our land and President Trump said he agrees with me, so it’s settled. It’s a done deal now that the monkey Obama is out of power. I’m very happy.”

Trump then backtracked on the comment saying, “I never said Russia can have half of Europe. Never said that. I said we will have the good part. I guess the other half will go to Russia but remember, I never actually said that. But we will have the good part of Europe, believe me.”

These statements have some European countries on edge. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said, “When you vote for a nut job, you get a nut job.”