Chinese Business Man Paid $5.5 Million For Tom Brady’s Super Bowl Jersey

tom brady's stolen jersey
(Tom Brady Wins Another Super Bowl)

Tom Brady’s super Bowl winning jersey has been found, but 5,000 miles away in a Chinese mansion. Billionaire Yu Jong Kim posted a picture via Chinese social media website BiDu.

Kim said he paid $660 million Yen ($5.5 million USD) for the jersey through a black market auction. Apparently, Brady even made a bid for his own jersey but was outbid by the Chinese businessman who made a fortune by selling zippers.

“I make 80 percent of the world’s zippers,” said Kim. “So now I’m very, very wealthy.”

Kim is a very big American Football enthusiast with the Green Bay Packers being his favorite team. But he collects all NFL memorabilia. He has an entire house devoted to valuable NFL pieces. The collection was valued at $46 million USD by Fortune Magazine in 2015.

The NFL and Tom Brady are upset by the information but there is no legal law allowing Brady to retrieve his stolen property. NFL spokesman Tom Lilly told ESPN, “We have contacted the Chinese Consulate and Mr. Kim but have not received a reply at this time. We will give it another week and then take the matter to President Trump.”

Trump has already vowed to retrieve the jersey even if he has to send in “stealth troops.”