Jeff Sessions Wants California’s Medical Marijuana Patient List From Past 20 Years

jeff sessions

California citizens voted in 1996 to legalize the use of medicinal marijuana. This movement helped lead the growth of other states reforming their policy towards a weed that grows in the ground. California has kept medical records since 1996 and now the United States Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, wants the states complete list.  

“We are just looking for criminals, not you,” said Sessions. “We are going to be tough on crime not related to me or any of my friends and family.”

California filed an injunction with federal judges to help sort out the information with allowing the lawyers to sort through the constitution and the Patients Rights Act of 1976. “First, medical records are private and you need a warrant from a judge to access that information,” said Cheech Hernandez. “Those are our rights, mang.”

California just hopes the lawyer shows up to the right court time.