Trump Crashes Golf Cart into Sand-bunker During Golf Trip


The 70-year-old president crashed his golf cart into a sand bunker during a round of golf Sunday afternoon in the “Southern White House” aka, Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida. The incident occurred at 3:55 pm when two injuries to a caddy and assistant were reported. Trump did not sustain any injuries himself but caused two.  

The injured were taken to a local hospital and Trump received a new golf cart and caddy to help him finish the final four holes. Trump claims he was about to shoot a course record before the crash but no one who has ever played him, has wished to comment on Trump’s golfing ability.

Raising Questions

This accident raises questions about the President’s ability to hear and see with proper judgment. “I’ve always been a selective hearer,” said Trump. “I only hear the smart and important stuff. And my vision, it’s tremendous. Maybe the best vision any president has ever had, ever.”

This was Trump’s 10 gold trip in the 8 weeks since he’s been President. We already know Trump would rail on Obama for playing golf but of course, if it’s Donald playing golf, it’s not a lazy issue or wasted tax payer dollar issue, but now, medical expenses are being accumulated from his golf time.