Trump Tweets “Reagan Kept His ‘Die Hard’ Executive Producer Credit While President So I Keep My ‘The Apprentice’ EP Credit, only on NBC!”


trump die hard credits and the apprentice President-elect Donald Trump will keep his Executive Producer credit on the upcoming season of The Celebrity Apprentice with host Arnold Schwarzenegger. Some critics argue the President should not be making a huge sum of money off a reality TV show while more important situations are ongoing.

Trump: “A Nuclear Winter Would Be Great For The Economy, Several Christmases A Year”

donald trump loves nukes
Trump not concerned

“Think about great it would be,” said Trump. “It would help the economy more than Obama did. He probably doesn’t even celebrate Christmas.”

Trump Supporter Kills A Black Santa Claus In Michigan Mall


black santa claus in michigan“The guy ruined Christmas for my kid,” said killer Mike Thomson. “He’s only fourteen and was asking me questions about how there could be two colored Santas and we all know that’s impossible.”

Airport’s X-Ray Machines Can Permanently Destroy 25% Of Your Phone’s Battery


“Our study showed that batteries that went through x-ray machines were likely to see a permanent loss of 25% of the phone’s power,” said Dave Schultz, a Harvard professor of computer science. “The phone will say 100% full, but it’s only at 75% of the initial power.”

Trump: “I Would Have Lost The Election If Jon Stewart Was Still On TV”


“I would have lost,” answered Trump to a reporter. “If Jon Stewart still had his unfunny show on TV. But he quit. I guess you can call him a quitter. I mean I’m still producing a TV show and it will run for another thirty years I bet, maybe fifty, you never know. But Stewart quit and I won.”

LeBron James Fined $5 Million For Voluntarily Sitting Out Tonights Game Against Memphis

(LeBron James relaxing by the pool on a game night)

“People pay good money to see LeBron play,” said NBA Commissioner Adam Silver. “The Cavaliers didn’t even have their three best players fly to Memphis for the game. It rips our fans off, plain and simple, and we have to send a message. We want the best product on the court every night, that’s why they get paid thirty million a year.”

Trump Appoints Kanye West As His Mental Health Advisor

Tinseltown /

President-elect Trump has appointed artist Kanye West as his Mental Health Advisor. The position does not need to be voted on by Congress but the decision has left many people confused.

Trump Accidentally Texts 30 Million Americans About Rosie O’Donnell (satire)

Joseph Sohm /

The President has the ability to text every cell phone in America in case of an emergency. The application was given to President-elect Trump Saturday and he accidentally sent a disappearing text about Rosie O’Donnell to 30 million Americans instead of his son-in-law.  

Trump: “I Don’t Need Intelligence Briefings Because I’m Already Really Intelligent”


“I’m probably the most intelligent President ever,” said Trump. “That’s what makes me such a good con-artist. You can’t be a dummy and pull off what I did.”

New Zelda Game Coming To PlayStation 4

zelda for ps4
(Zelda running on the PS4 Pro)

Tokyo – Nintendo shocked the video game world when it announced their upcoming Zelda game, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, will also be released by competitor Sony on the PlayStation 4. This is the first Nintendo game on a competitor’s video game console ever. Analysts predict it could sell an additional 20 million units which would generate an extra $1.2 billion in revenue.

Trump Will Jail Anyone Who Burns The Russian Flag (satire)


trump banning burning the flag“I talked to Putin and he told me that no one should burn the Russian flag,” said Trump. “I totally agree with him on so many levels. He’s a real good guy and I will respect his wishes. I just wish I could hire him, he’s real smart at military and missiles. I learned a lot from him.”

Trump Files Libel Lawsuit Against Saturday Night Live

trump hates this picture
(Trump hates SNL))

Donald J. Trump filed a lawsuit in New York claiming defamation and bullying. The Federal 3rd circuit district court will hear the case with opening statements to be made early January. The filing said, “It’s not satire if it’s not funny. And SNL is lame with a bunch of losers.”

San Francisco First City To Ban Plastic Garbage Bags


san fransico plastic bag banSan Francisco – The city council voted 8-3 to ban the use and sale of plastic garbage bags. Starting Jan 1st, only metal cans will be allowed.

Woman’s Amazon Echo Records Domestic Violence Incident And Calls 911


amazon echo saves woman's life in domestic violence fightAn Amazon Echo personal assistant device recorded the audio of a domestic violence incident and automatically called 911. The woman had a tech friend program the feature into the device for just such an incident.  

Trump: “I Hate Basic Science But I Love Basic Bitches”


President-elect Donald Trump voiced his opinion on the future of American science funding. “I hate basic science but I love basic bitches.”

Carrier Will Now Only Keep 78 Jobs In Indiana


A clause in the weak deal struck by Donald Trump two weeks ago has already unraveled. Only 78 jobs will stay in Indiana, most of them administration jobs. The rest will move to China or be automated.

Westworld Season 2 Canceled By HBO

westworld canceled by HBO
(Westworld red carpet event)

“Too expensive,” HBO executive Michael Goldwyn told Variety. “We’ll focus on smaller shows.”  

Obama Grants 850 Million Muslim Refugees Citizenship By Executive Order

obama signs refugee bill
Obama signs historic order

“As I come into my final weeks as President, I find there is only so much that I can accomplish,” Obama told media outlets. “In one of my final greatest acts, I have granted eight hundred and fifty million Muslim refugees American citizenship.”   

Hacked Emails Shows Hillary Clinton Pressured Jill Stein For Recount


jill stein and hillary clintonWikiLeaks reported that the Clinton campaign had headed the recount call in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. The e-mails begin as early as election night with Clinton staffers telling Stein to begin looking into vote counts of those key states that allowed Trump to win the electoral college.

Breaking News: Brian Kelly Out At Notre Dame

brian kelly fired from notre dame
(Notre Dame Coach Brian Kelly)

According to CSNChicago, Notre Dame football coach Brian Kelly, has been fired.